13 June 2024
Shop Tax Free

Shop Tax Free

Tax Free Korea A Guide to Global Tax- Free Shopping

When it comes to shopping, many things can beat the thrill of finding a great deal. And if you are a smart shopper who loves to travel, then you are probably familiar with the conception of tax free Korea shopping.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of tax free Korea shopping in Korea and how it can profit both locals and tourists.


What’s Tax- Free Shopping?

Tax Free Korea shopping refers to the practice of purchasing goods or providing services without paying the usual sales tax or value- added tax( VAT). This is a significant advantage for shoppers, as it allows them to save money on their purchases. Tax-free shopping is particularly popular among tourists, as it allows them to enjoy their shopping experience without the burden of fresh levies.

Tax-Free Shopping in Korea:

Korea is known for its vibrant shopping scenes, with innumerous malls, markets, and boutiques offering a wide range of products. And to make shopping indeed more charming, the Korean government has enforced a tax refund policy for tourists.

The tax refund policy in Korea, also known as Global Tax-Free, allows eligible tourists to claim a refund on the VAT they paid on their purchases. To be eligible for the tax policy, tourists must meet certain criteria, similar as having anon-resident status and spending a minimal amount on eligible goods.

When shopping in Korea, look for stores that display the Global Tax-Free logo. These stores are authorized to give tax refunds to eligible tourists. To claim your tax refund, simply present your passport and ask for a tax refund form at the time of purchase. Make sure to keep your bills and present them along with the tax refund form at the airport when leaving Korea.

Benefits of duty-Free Shopping in Korea

There are several benefits to taking advantage of tax-free shopping in Korea Saving Money By getting a refund on the VAT you paid, you can save a significant amount of money on your purchases. Shop tax-Free In addition to the VAT refund, tourists can also enjoy tax-free shopping on certain items, similar as cosmetics, electronics, and luxury goods.

Huge Range of Products

Korea offers a different range of products, from traditional handicrafts to the rearmost fashion trends. With tax-free shopping, you can explore the original markets and shop to your heart’s content.


Tax-free shopping in Korea is a great way to save money and enhance your shopping experience. Whether you are a original or a tourist, taking advantage of the tax refund system can make your shopping trips more pleasurable and budget-friendly. So coming time you are in Korea, do not forget to look for the Global Tax-Free logo and enjoy the benefits of tax-free shopping!

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