29 May 2024



Sigma Chi is more than just a Greek letter organization; it’s a brotherhood that fosters personal growth, leadership development, and a commitment to community service. The term “Sigma Chi Charge” encapsulates the core values and mission of this esteemed fraternity. In this article, we will explore the significance and history of the Sigma Chi Charge, shedding light on the principles that have guided generations of Sigma Chis.


The Sigma Chi Charge: A Symbol of Commitment


The Sigma Chi Charge is a ceremonial oath that all members of the fraternity take upon initiation. It serves as a solemn promise to uphold the ideals and values of Sigma Chi throughout one’s life. Rooted in the fraternity’s founding principles, the Charge is a symbolic contract that binds brothers together in their pursuit of excellence.


 A Brief History of Sigma Chi


Sigma Chi was established on June 28, 1855, at Miami College in Oxford, Ohio. The clique was laid out by seven visionary men who looked to make a fellowship in light of kinship, equity, and learning. Today, Sigma Chi has developed into one of the biggest and most compelling brotherhoods in North America, with sections at colleges across the US and Canada.


 The Values of Sigma Chi


The Sigma Chi Charge reinforces the fraternity’s core values, which are encapsulated in the Jordan Standard. This standard emphasizes the following principles:


  1. Friendship: Sigma Chi values strong, lifelong friendships built on trust, respect, and shared experiences.


  1. Justice: Brothers are committed to upholding high moral and ethical standards, ensuring fairness and integrity in all aspects of life.


  1. Learning: Sigma Chi promotes intellectual growth, fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal development.


  1. Leadership: The fraternity encourages its members to be leaders in their communities, exemplifying qualities of responsibility and service.


Living the Charge


For Sigma Chi members, living out the Charge is a lifelong commitment. Siblings are supposed to encapsulate the upsides of companionship, equity, learning, and administration in their regular routines. Whether through local area administration, scholastic greatness, or mentorship, Sigma Chis endeavor to have a constructive outcome on their general surroundings.




The Sigma Chi Charge serves as a reminder of the fraternity’s enduring commitment to its founding principles. It’s not only an expression presented during inception; it’s a deep rooted promise to maintain the upsides of Sigma Chi. Through kinship, equity, learning, and initiative, Sigma Chi keeps on profoundly shaping the existences of its individuals and have an effect in networks across North America.

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